What are the best Books for GATE Civil Engineering (CE)

What are the best Books for GATE Civil Engineering (CE) preparations

Best Books for GATE Civil Engineering (CE)

What are the best Books for GATE Civil Engineering (CE)? – Candidates who are presently getting ready for the GATE examination can check this blog to know the best books for every section of the GATE Civil Engineering. LOGICWORK brings all aspirants together & providing what are the Best books for GATE CE.

Besides the Best books for GATE Civil Engineering (CE), GATE candidates can follow our site for preparation. GATE 2019 has been held on 2, 3, 9 February for all the twenty-four papers. Read the complete article to know additional regarding what are the best books for GATE engineering (CE).

The basic reference material for the GATE civil engineering paper is textbooks. The table given below has a list of books for that candidates can consider for their GATE 2020 civil engineering CE paper.

List of Best Books for GATE CE (Civil Engineering)

S. No.SubjectsImportant Topics Books & Authors
1Engineering MathematicsLinear Algebra
Complex Analysis
Differential Equations
Probability and Statistics
1. Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications
by Kenneth Rosen

2. Higher Engineering mathematics
by B.S. Grewal

3. Advanced Engineering Mathematics
by Erwin Kreyszig
2Structural EngineeringStatically Determinate and Indeterminate
Structures by Force/Energy Methods
Method of Superposition
Analysis of Trusses
Structural Analysis with all its Methods
1. Theory of Structure
by CK Wang, S. Rammamrutham,
L.S. Negi & Jangit

2. Theory of Elasticity
by Timoshenko & Ger
3. Theory of Structure
by Wilbur & Norris

4. Strength of Materials/Mechanics of Structure
by Gare & Timoshenko,E. Popove, L. Singer,B.C. Punamia, Rammamrutham
3Geotechnical EngineeringBasic Properties and Classification of Soils
SeepageShear Strength of Soil
Stability Analysis of Slopes
Bearing Capacity
Foundation Engineering
Concrete Technology
Soil Mechanics
by Gopal Ranjan & Rao,
Venkat Ramaiha,S. K. Garg,
B.C. Punamia, V N S Murthy
4Water Resources EngineeringFluid Statics
dynamic laminar –
Turbulent Flow
Flow-Through Pipes
Open Channel Flow Hydraulics
BL Theory
Dimension Analysis
Hydraulic Pumps
Hydrologic Cycle
Ground Water Hydrology
1. Water Resources
by S K Garg

2. Water and Waste Water
by SK Garg 1 and 2

3. Fluid Mechanics
by RK Bansal and Fox and Richard
5Transportation EngineeringHighway Engineering
Transportation Infrastructure
Geometric Design of Railway Track
Highway Pavements
Traffic Engineering
Transportation by Justo Khanna
6Environmental engineeringQuality Standards
Domestic Wastewater Treatment
Water and Waste Water Disposal
Air Pollution
Noise Pollution
Municipal Solid Waste
Quality and Characteristics of SewageTreatment of Sewage
1. Environmental Engineering
by S. K. Garg Part I & Part II

2. Waste Water Engineering
by B. C. Punamia Part I & Part II
7Geomatics EngineeringBasics of Geographical Information System (GIS)
Geographical Positioning System (GPS)
Linear Measurements
Compass Survey
Surveying (vol. 1,2,3)  
by B.C.Punia, Ashok Jain, Arun Jain

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