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How to prepare for UPSC ESE/ IES?

General Preparation Techniques – ESE or IES

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ESE or IES Preparation Guide

  • ESE or IES needs a slightly additional focus on developing the theoretical base and concepts as compared to GATE and alternative PSU Examinations.
  • Intense knowledge of the subjects, strong basics, and clear ideas helps in a higher understanding of the subjects and proves to be instrumental in obtaining sensible scores.
  • Good writing skills, wonderful presentation, subjective theory, derivations, diagrams and explanations well supported with diagrams facilitate to fetch sensible marks within the conventional or subjective paper.
  • Reference books for derivations, equations, abstract thinking, theory etc ought to be most popular.
  • Do not neglect the general Ability part as this section plays a vital role in marking high within the prelims examination.
  • Be aware of exam patterns like what percentage technical & non-technical queries are asked, negative marks, weightage, test period and marks per question. always create a habit of referring to previous year question papers.
  • Practice previous year question papers and analyze the weak topics and concentrate additional on those topics. continually try and solve the papers in an exceedingly given time to get an inspiration that what percentage queries you’re able to solve in given time limits.
  • Short Cut Techniques: In making an attempt the questions of objective paper, use short techniques for numerical finding rather than the normal approach therefore on gain speed and try most questions.
  • Always prepare short notes with all the important formulas, concepts, and conclusions. These short notes are important survivors throughout the revisions and editing them can make you successful.
  • The more you apply, the additional probability you have got off with success passing the test. Take as several mock tests as doable. they assist you to manage your time and also enable you to search out your weaker areas, therefore, you’ll target them.
  • Keep yourself up so far on current affairs for the general data take a look at. Develop a habit of reading newspapers and magazines daily to remain up so far with the goings-on within the world.
  • Personal Interview: Sound technical knowledge, Positive attitude, visual communication, good communication skills, knowledge regarding current affairs plays a vital role in clear personal interviews. Candidates ought to be ready for questions about their strengths and weaknesses.
  • This test tests your perseverance, patience, and strength at the side of your data. therefore be targeted and hold on to your strengths.

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