Qualities of the best books for GATE preparation

What are the qualities of the best books for GATE preparation?

While selecting books for preparation, there are some factors that the candidates should keep in mind. The following points should be kept in mind while deciding which books to choose for preparation purpose:

  • Easy to Understand: First of all, the books should be easy for the candidates to read and understand. If the concepts and chapters are explained in a simplified manner, the candidates will be able to understand without the technical terms being used much. This will allow the candidates to have a deeper understanding of the topics.
  • Concise Explanation: Since the GATE 2020 examination consists of many complicated chapters, the books should try to keep the explanation simple and concise. The explanation should be simple, crisp and easy to understand.
  • Accurate Information: The books should have accurate information about the chapters and topics present in the syllabus of GATE. Any books with misleading information should not be used by the candidates.
  • Pictorial Representations: There is a higher chance for candidates to retain what they have studied if there are diagrams present in the textbooks to aid topics and chapters. Candidates should try to use books that explains the topics using diagrams.
  • Avoid Fancy Language: The best books to use during preparation are the ones with simple language. Usage of fancy words in the books used for GATE 2020 preparation will lead to confusion and fail to make the candidates understand the basic concepts.

Additional Factors for GATE Preparation

Along with the usage of the best books for GATE preparation, the following factors can also be checked by the candidates to boost their studies and score well in the examination.

  • GATE 2020 Syllabus – It is very important for the candidates to know the syllabus of GATE 2020 before commencing their preparation process. By being familiar with the syllabus, the candidates will be able to know which topics and chapters they need to focus on more and accordingly plan their preparation schedule.
  • GATE 2020 Exam Pattern – The next step is to be familiar with the official exam pattern. Information about the type of questions asked, marking scheme, the number of questions and more can be known through the exam pattern. This will make the candidates familiar with GATE 2020 and be well prepared.
  • GATE 2020 Sample Papers – One of the best ways to prepare for any examination is to solve sample papers and attempt mock tests. This will allow the candidates to practice whatever they have studied and made them comfortable with the exam pattern. By revising and correcting their wrong responses, the candidates will have lower chances of making the same mistakes in the examination.
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