Preparation Strategy, Crack, prepare for ESE or IES exam

Preparation strategy for UPSC ESE or IES Exam

How to prepare for ESE or IES Exam?

Here you will get complete strategy need to crack ESE or IES exam in 1st attempt. Follow this thoroughly to become IES officer

In this, you will get to know what one needs to crack ESE or IES

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Preparation Strategy for ESE or IES

Big Journeys begin with tiny Steps

Often we tend to hear a priority among the scholars that “What should be our strategy to crack the ESE or IES exam in the first attempt?

To answer this question within the most simplified means, this article is my sincere effort to strategize things for aspirants, which is able to be fruitful for young friends.

There are 2 categories of ESE or IES Aspirants :

(1) Freshers, getting ready initial time for the competitive exams

(2) Repeaters, who have already given one or a lot of makes an attempt

(I) ESE or IES Exam preparation Strategy for freshers:

  • If you’re a freshman and getting ready initial time then I might recommend you the subsequent approach to be adopted-
  • Outline your aim and target the specified test right from the start. you must examine closely the examination pattern, curriculum and also the level of problem.
  • The primary step for amateurs ought to be, to travel through previous years’ question papers of the aimed test and establish what sort of queries area unit asked, like whether or not it’s theoretical (then what subjects/which topics area unit largely asked) or derivations or numerical kind.
  • Keep one best reference work for every subject. you’re not suggested to scan too several books for every subject; much it’s uphill in restricted time-frame.

The STUDY MAP for ESE or IES Exam Preparation:

Make associate overall arrange of your career; outline immediate and supreme goals of your career, then build a roadmap to execute in simplest manner. Being an associate engineer, you must perceive the importance {of arrangening|of designing|of coming up with} and execution of the plan.
Overall arrange is also more divided in 3 stages:

1. Six months/One year plan for ESE or IES Exam preparation:
  • Divide months for various subjects and arrange it therefore on complete the whole curriculum within the leftover time. within the current situation of high cut-offs, don’t opt for selective study; instead, cowl the whole curriculum, as a result of you never recognize “the topic left might be the subject of conquest.”

2. Subject-wise Plan/ Bi-weekly plan for ESE or IES Exam  preparation:

  • For each subject, study ought to be test familiarised, i.e. you must get adapt to the topic , in order that you recognize that space is to be focussed like whether or not theory needs to be focussed or numerical or resolution previous years’ queries can answer.
  • Each subject needs completely different approach. For example, in arithmetic, you will be needed to target active issues wherever as normally Studies Paper altogether completely different approach is needed. similarly, in technical subjects, the approach could dissent from subject to subject.
  • If you’re registered in any work institute; then concentrate and study well in the classroom.
  • Your category notes ought to be completed and prepared in the schoolroom itself, with simultaneous marking of vital construct /formulae and conjointly develop a habit of writing of NOTE points, wherever needed.
  • If solely self-study is your type of getting ready while not work, then conjointly notes creating is wise.
  • One purpose to be unbroken in mind is “Work for Yourself”; i.e. build notes for yourself, it ought to be self handwritten notes, as this can increase your writing potency in terms of speed, accuracy, and handwriting and conjointly helps in memory retention.
3. Daily to-do list /Daily plan for ESE or IES Exam  preparation:
  • This is primarily for effective time management. arrange and freeze the study hours and abstain from mistreatment mobile phones, social media, WhatsApp etc throughout these hours. ten to fifteen minutes area unit adequate to arrange next day schedule, it’ll facilitate in removing redundant activities of your schedule and you’ll build the best use of some time for study.
  • I might conjointly recommend pre-arranging the space /subject /topic of your study for the next day, it’d facilitate in activating senses of your mind to stimulate for study that helps in higher memory retention.
  • Solving previous years’ queries of GATE, IES, ISRO EXAM(at least of last five years) ought to be created contemporaneously with category notes. don’t shelve it for later, for all the topics that are coated at College or studied on your own, end the previous years’ queries on a priority basis.
  • While resolution queries, mark the queries that you weren’t ready to solve. Refer the reference work for the clarity of ideas, and solve once more. ahead of the question write the paging and Name of the book referred and underline or highlight the construct. This on top of methodology is to be followed for all book and different materials conjointly.
  • Once many months whereas doing revision you must re-attempt these marked queries solely and no ought to solve different queries.
Make a REVISION plan for ESE or IES Exam preparation:
  • Make a habit of reading and rewriting at the same time.
  • While finding out a selected subject; devote 70-80% of self-study time in developing ideas of recent subject and rest 20-30% time ought to be religiously devoted for revision of already completed topics/subjects. And, towards months nearer to test, increase the revision time for correct retention of ideas until test day.
  • While rewriting, confirm you are doing the following:
  • Review of sophistication notes.
  • Revise the underlined/ highlighted portion of the textbook.
  • Then try solely the marked queries yet again.
  • If time permits, then begin with a new set of queries.
Make small notes for ESE or IES Exam preparation:
  • After finishing each subject build small notes, that have solely principal formulae/ diagrams/ ideas of at the most importance. Then, once this can be done, take a snap and store it in your mobile gallery.
  • These are going to be your Digital small Notes, which might be revised anyplace and everyplace, whereas motion, the gap between 2 categories, free time.
Flow sort of a river for ESE or IES Exam preparation:
  • Be voluble and discussion familiarised with friends and seniors and carry on clearing your doubts, do not enable to accumulate the doubts which can end in mental stress.
  • Let your doubts/thoughts flow like stream water that once flows gets self-purified. conjointly act with fortunate seniors and fellow mates to understand their path of success/strategy.
Evaluate yourself for ESE or IES Exam preparation:
  • Take a look ats in examination atmosphere and analyze your performance and build a note of areas of problem and build a roadmap to enhance these before succeeding in the test.
  • Stay away from incompetent and non-achievers. Don’t let their failure demoralize you in any sense.
Make a holistic and balancing approach for ESE or IES Exam preparation:
  • Cover entire curriculum however longer ought to be too big areas. 
  • Establish vital subjects and mark vital topics among a theme. evaluation and low evaluation areas ought to be separate. 
  • Build a balance study arrange for technical and nontechnical subjects.

(II) Strategy for Repeaters for ESE or IES Exam preparation:

  • Review your past performance and realize the explanations for failure. think about failure as the next stepping step. In truth you have got not failing your success is small deferred.
  • Establish weak areas of every subject and begin your preparation by initial rising these areas.
  • Focus a lot of on resolution differing kinds of issues which too from the new supply of fabric in every iteration.
  • Arrange your study to take care of regularity and self-motivation; daily programing and subject wise programming are extremely vital for a scientific preparation.
  • Be a part of some sensible take a look at Series for taking a look ats with full preparation and take the test in examination atmosphere. resolution previous
  • Maintain continuity and maintain the self-motivation, type teams of 3-4 friends and build a schedule of cluster study once during a week to debate complicated queries and doubts.
Things to be unbroken in mind throughout preparation:
  • Never scan too several books for constant topics. this can merely kill some time. to avoid wasting time, forever see the material of work institute supplemented by the quality books.
  • Strengthen the key ideas of every subject. The queries area unit supported the fundamental ideas and that they don’t need abundant calculation.
  • Cramming up the formulae won’t facilitate till and unless you have got a transparent construct of the subject.
  • Focus on writing & presentation skills, theory, derivations & diagrams for subjective paper.
  • Solve all the previous ten years queries totally.
  • In the ISRO test, heaps several queries area unit supported the ideas of previous year’s queries.
  • Rather than resolution 5 queries on similar ideas. it’s higher to unravel one question with 5 completely different strategies. It provides data regarding the shortest strategies to be used.
Strategy to follow in ESE or IES Exam:

Objective Papers:

  • Stay sooner than time, and not with it. Split some time into milestones like 28-30 queries per half-hour.
  • The queries from the constant subject within the objective papers area unit largely concentrated along.
  • Solve the queries from the simple subjects initial to be sooner than time and your milestones.
  • Blind approximation ought to be avoided. forever attempt to build a sensible guess by eliminating a number of choices that can’t be true.