Best Books for GATE Electrical Engineering Preparations

Best Books for GATE Electrical Engineering Preparations

Best Books for GATE EE Preparations

What are the best Books for GATE Electrical Engineering (EE)? – Candidates who are presently getting ready for the GATE examination can check this blog to know the best books for every section of the GATE electrical engineering syllabus. Electrical engineering examination consists of topics from engineering math, electromagnetic fields EMF, power systems, machines and more. LOGICWORK brings all aspirants together & providing what are the Best books for GATE EE.

Besides the Best books for GATE EE, GATE candidates can follow our site for preparation. GATE 2019 has been held on 2, 3, 9 February for all the twenty-four papers. Read the complete article to know additional regarding what are the best books for GATE engineering (EE).

Recommended Books for GATE Electrical Engineering

The best books for GATE Electrical Engineering (EE) are recommended by experts. together with the books, the candidates must follow the section-wise important topics that need to study. However, the candidates are advised to study the entire syllabus as that will strengthen their chances of scoring good marks in the examination.

Best Books for GATE Electrical Engineering (EE)

S.NoSectionsImportant Topics for GATE EEBooks for EE
1Engineering MathematicsLinear AlgebraCalculus and
Differential equations probability and Statistics
Advanced Engineering Mathematics
by E. Kreyszig
2Electric CircuitsKCL, KVL and Node and Mesh Analysis
Network Theorems
Transient Analysis of First-Order Circuits
ResonanceTwo Port Networks
Power and Power Factor in AC Circuits
1. Transient Analysis Of Electric Power Circuits
by Arieh L Shenkmann
2. Circuit Theory: Analysis & Synthesis
by Abhijit Chakrabarti
3Electromagnetic FieldsElectrostatics, EM Waves
Transmission Lines
Waveguides, and Antennas
Magnetic Circuits
Self and Mutual Inductance of
Simple Configurations
1. Elements of Electromagnetics
by Mathew N. O. SADIKU
2. Engineering Electromagnetics
by William H. Hayt
4Signals and SystemsLTI Systems
Fourier Representation of Signals
Z-Transform and Laplace Transform
1. Signals and Systems
by Oppenheim and Wilsky
2. Signals and Systems
by Nagoor Kani
5Electrical MachinesSingle Phase Transformers
Three Phase Transformers
DC Machines
Single Phase Induction Motors
Electrical Machinery
by P.S Bimbhra
6Power SystemsPower Generation Concepts
Load Flow Methods, Bus Impedance,
and Admittances Matrices
Circuit Breakers
HVDC and FACTS Concepts
Fault Calculations and Transients
1. Power Systems Engineering
by Nagrath and Kothari
2. Power Systems
by JB Guptha & CL Wadhwa
7Control SystemsTime Domain Analysis
Root, State Variable Technique
Frequency Response Analysis
using Nyquist and Bode Plots
Block DiagramsmSignal Flow Graphs
1st Order Transfer Functions
Routh Hurwitz Criteria
Control Systems Engineering
by Nagrath and Gopal
8Electrical and Electronic MeasurementsBridges and Potentiometers
Measurement of Voltage, Current,
Power, Energy and
Power factor error Analysis
Electrical and Electronic
Measurement and Instrumentation
by AK Sawhney
9Analog and Digital ElectronicsDiode Circuits
Small Signal Analysis of BJT and FET
Operational Amplifier and its Applications
Logic Gates
Boolean Algebra and K-Map
Sequential Circuits and Counters, ADC and DACs.
1. Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory
by Boylestad
2. Digital Design
by M.Morris Mano
3. Integrated Electronics: Analog And Digital Circuits And Systems
by Christos C. Halkias, Chetan D. Parikh Jacob Millman
10Power ElectronicsCharacteristics of Semi-Conductor Devices
Principles of ChoppersPrinciples of Inverters
1. Power Electronics
by MH Rashid
2. Power Electronics
by P.S.Bimbhra

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