[PDF] VMOU BA Study Material – Bachelor of Arts Programme (GE/CS/IT/HM) VMOU Books Download PDF – VMOU SLM

Download the VMOU Bachelor of Arts Programme (GE/CS/IT/HM) BA Books study material SLM in PDF for VMOU Vardhman Mahaveer Open University Kota free.

We have shared BA Bachelor of Arts Programme (GE/CS/IT/HM) SLM books links in a subject-wise manner below. You can download complete VMOU study material for Exams on Logicwork.

VMOU BA Bachelor of Arts Programme (GE/CS/IT/HM) Books study material SLM in PDF

Download the latest VMOU Bachelor of Arts Programme (GE/CS/IT/HM) BA study material for free.

VMOU Bachelor of Arts Programme (GE/CS/IT/HM) BA Part 1 Books study material SLM in PDF

Course Bachelor of Arts Programme (GE/CS/PSY/HM) Part – ISLM
QES Environmental StudiesSLM
QHD General HindiSLM
RJ-01 Adhunik Rajasthani Gadh SahityaSLM
RJ-02 Adhunik Rajasthani Padh SahityaSLM
SA-01 Natak, Katha, Sahitya, Chhand evam AlankarSLM
SA-02 Bhartiya Sanskriti ke Tatv, Pad, Sahitya, Anuvad evam VyakaranSLM
SO-01 Introductory SociologySLM
SO-02 Society in IndiaSLM
SW-01 Social Work : Concept, Meaning and PhilosophySLM
SW-02 Historical and Professional Development of Social WorkSLM
UD-01 Gair Afsanvi NasraSLM
UD-02 Urdu GazalSLM
CS-01 Computer Applications in Corporate WorldSLM
CS-02 Web Authoring ToolsNA
CS-03 Practical in Web Authoring ToolsNA
EC-01 Micro Economic TheorySLM
EC-02 Issues in Indian Economic DevelopmentSLM
ED-01 Understanding EducationSLM
ED-02 Understanding LearnerSLM
EG-01 Poetry and DramaSLM
EG-02 Prose and FictionSLM
GE-01 Physical GeographySLM
GE-02 Geography of RajasthanSLM
GE-03 Practical GeographySLM
GP-01 Mahatma Gandhi: His Life and WorkSLM
GP-02 Peace StudiesSLM
HD-01 Prachin evam Madhyakalin KayvaSLM
HD-02 Katha SahityaSLM
HI-01 History of India (Earliest Time to 1200 AD)SLM
HI-02 History of Rajasthan (Earliest Time to 1956 AD)SLM
HM-01 Anatomy and PhysiologySLM
HM-02 Textile and Clothing CareSLM
HM-03 PracticalSLM
JM-01 Computer Application and CyberMediaSLM
JM-02 Communication and Development CommunicationSLM
MT-01 Discrete MathematicsSLM
MT-02 Calculus and Differential EquationsSLM
MT-03 Co-ordinate Geometry and Mathematical ProgrammingSLM
PA-01 Principles of Public AdministrationSLM
PA-02 Public Administration in IndiaSLM
PS-01 Foundation of Political ScienceSLM
PS-02 Indian Political ThinkersSLM
PSY-01 Psychological ProcessesSLM
PSY-02 PsychopathologySLM

VMOU Bachelor of Arts Programme (GE/CS/IT/HM) BA Part 2 Books study material SLM in PDF

Course -Bachelor of Arts Programme (GE/CS/IT/HM) Part – IISLM
QCA Elementary Computer ApplicationSLM
QEG General EnglishSLM
RJ-03 Madhyakalin Rajasthani GadhyaSLM
RJ-04 Madhyakalin Rajasthani PadhyaSLM
SA-03 Kavya tatha Sanskrit Sahitya ka ItihaasSLM
SA-04 Gadh, Samaj Prakaran tatha NibandhSLM
SO-03 Social ResearchSLM
SO-04 Social Problems in IndiaSLM
SW-19 Concept, Meaning and Characteristics of Indian SocietySLM
SW-20 Social Case Work and Social group workSLM
UD-03 Afsanvi Nasra aur TarjumaSLM
UD-04 Urdu Shayari aur BlagatSLM
CS-04 Operating SystemNA
CS-05 Programming in CNA
CS-06 Practical in Programming in CNA
EC-03 Macro EconomicsSLM
EC-04 Economy of RajasthanSLM
ED-03 Education and DevelopmentSLM
ED-04 Education and SocietySLM
EG-03 Poetry and Drama Part-IISLM
EG-04 Prose and Fiction Part-IISLM
GE-04 Geography of ResourcesSLM
GE-05 Human GeographySLM
GE-06 Practical GeographySLM
GP-03 Gandhian ThoughtSLM
GP-04 Peace Movements, Peace Approaches and Peace ProcessSLM
HD-03 Hindi Gadh Bhag-II (Natak evam Anya Gadhya Vidhayen)SLM
HD-04 Hindi Sahitya ki ItihaasSLM
HI-03 History of India (1200-1740 AD)SLM
HI-04 History of India (1740-1947 AD)SLM
HM-04 Growth and DevelopmentNA
HM-05 Diet ManagementNA
HM-06 PracticalNA
IT-04 Operating System
IT-05 Programming in C
IT-06 Practical in Programming in C
JM-03 History of Mass Communication MediaSLM
JM-04 Media WritingSLM
MT-04 Real Analysis & Metric SpaceSLM
MT-05 Differential EquationSLM
MT-06 Numerical Analysis and Vector CalculusSLM
PA-03 Indian Administrative InstitutionsSLM
PA-04 State Administration in IndiaSLM
PS-03 Comparative Political Institutions and Good GovernanceSLM
PS-04 Indian Politics – An IntroductionSLM
PSY-03 Psychological Statistics and MeasurementSLM
PSY-04 Social PsychologySLM

VMOU Bachelor of Arts Programme (GE/CS/IT/HM) BA Part 3 Books study material SLM in PDF

Course Bachelor of Arts Programme (GE/CS/PSY/HM) Part – 3SLM
CS-07 Database Management System
CS-08 Programming in JAVA
CS-09 Practical in JAVA
EC-05 Quantitative MethodsSLM
EC-06 Money, Banking & Public FinanceSLM
ED-05 Indian Experiment in EducationSLM
ED-06 Western Educational Thought and ThinkersSLM
EG-05 Poetry and Drama Part-IIISLM
EG-06 Prose and Fiction Part-IIISLM
GE-07 Geography of AsiaSLM
GE-08 Geography of IndiaSLM
GE-09 Practical GeographySLM
GP-05 Gandhi and Other ThinkersSLM
GP-06 Gandhi and Contemporary WorldSLM
HD-05 Adhunik KavyaSLM
HD-06 Hindi Bhasa evam Prayojan Moolak HindiSLM
HI-05 Contemporary India (1947-2000 AD)SLM
HI-06 History of Modern World (1453-1950 AD)SLM
HM-07 Communication ManagementSLM
HM-08 Management of Family ResourceSLM
HM-09 PracticalSLM
IT-07 Fundamental of Computer Networks
IT-08 Object Oriented Programming in C++
IT-09 Practical in Programming in C++
JM-05 Public Relation and AdvertisingSLM
JM-06 Editing, Layout and PrintingSLM
MT-07 AlgebraSLM
MT-08 Complex AnalysisSLM
MT-09 MechanicsSLM
PA-05 Comparative Public AdministrationSLM
PA-06 Local Self GovernmentSLM
PS-05 Political Theory & ThoughtSLM
PS-06 Contemporary International RelationsSLM
PSY-05 Theories and System of PsychologySLM
PSY-06 PracticalSLM
RJ-05 Prachin evam Madhyakalin Sahitya (Kavya tatha Gadhya)SLM
RJ-06 Rajasthani Bhasa evam Sahitya ka ItihaasSLM
SA-05 Natak evam VyakaranSLM
SA-06 Ved, Upnishad tatha Bhartiya DarshanSLM
SO-05 Social ThinkersSLM
SO-06 Social AnthropologySLM
SW-15 Patterns of Social WorkSLM
SW-21 Human Devlopment & Various Mental ProcessesNA
UD-05 Tarik,Tankeed aur Electronic MediaSLM
UD-06 Urdu ShayariSLM


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