[PDF] HC Verma Solutions – Concepts of Physics Part 2 for Class 12 by Byju`s

[PDF] HC Verma Solutions – Concepts of Physics Part 2 for Class 12 by Byju`s.

The second book has 25 chapters. These chapters cover topics such as electricity, magnetism, semiconductors, and other topics. HC Verma Concepts of physics volume 2 is useful for class 12.

Download Chapterwise HC Verma Solutions Part 2 by BYJU`s

Students, for a more effective way of learning first solve physics questions on your own then only refer to these solutions.

Chapterwise HC Verma Solutions Part 2 by BYJU`s in PDF

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Chapter 23 – Heat and Temperature

Chapter 24 – Kinetic Theory of Gases

Chapter 25 – Calorimetry

Chapter 26 – Laws of Thermodynamics

Chapter 27 – Specific Heat Capacities of Gases

Chapter 28 – Heat Transfer

Chapter 29 – Electric Field and Potential

Chapter 30 – Gauss’s Law

Chapter 31 – Capacitors

Chapter 32 – Electric Current in Conductors

Chapter 33 – Thermal and Chemical Effects of Electric Current

Chapter 34 – Magnetic Field

Chapter 35 – Magnetic Field due to a Current

Chapter 36 – Permanent Magnets

Chapter 37 – Magnetic Properties of Matter

Chapter 38 – Electromagnetic Induction

Chapter 39 – Alternating Current

Chapter 40 – Electromagnetic Waves

Chapter 41 – Electric Current through Gases

Chapter 42 – Photoelectric Effect and Wave-Particle Duality

Chapter 43 – Bohr’s Model and Physics of the Atom

Chapter 44 – X-rays

Chapter 45 – Semiconductors and Semiconductor Devices

Chapter 46 – The Nucleus

Chapter 47 – The Special Theory of Relativity

Download Chapterwise HC Verma Solutions Part 1 by BYJU`s

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