Best test series for GATE and ESE

Which is the best Test Series for GATE and ESE Preparation

Best Test Series for GATE and ESE Preparation

Test Series is the key to get good rank in GATE examination

Reasons you must join test series for GATE and ESE Exam :

  • One should familiar with online calculator.
  • You’ll learn to manage time.
  • The fear of online examination and the pressure will overcome.
  • You’ll get to know that how do you handle completely new questions.
  • The best thing is you’ll get some patience to seat continuesly for three hours and also get the ability to see the computer screen continuesly for three hours (Most Engineers don’t have that problem, Thanks to Netflix!!

Joining one test series might not not be a good option, you must join at least 2 test series for GATE and ESE.

I am describing all the 3 best test series and you can join any 2 of them for your preparation.

1. Made Easy Test Series for GATE and ESE:

  1. One of the brand where you’ll get huge competition even in part test too.
  2. Questions standard was good but not for all questions, many questions they took from previous years test series and some questions were from ESE background which was not in the GATE syllabus.
  3. They provided video solution which was very useful in some tough question or if the solution given was lenthgy.
  4. Test series price was very high and no discount for below 2000 rankers! (This year I think they reduced the prize.)


  • Huge no. of candidates join made easy test series. Almost every topper join it. So by the end month you will realise how good or bad your GATE paper is going to be.!
  • Interface is excellent.
  • Questions are less calculative as it’s in GATE. And because of this one can solve the paper well within 3 hours which boosts confidence to a great extent which is needed in last month.
  • They too give detailed solution with less mistakes.


  • They repeat few of their questions from subject-based tests to full-length tests. So you will answer few questions easily without much calculation and it will save time. This won’t happen in GATE.

2. ACE Test Series for GATE and ESE :

  1. The questions were very tough and lengthy in previous year test series. I used to get less marks in many tests also that type of questions didn’t have any probability to be ask in actual examination.
  2. They provided lenthy and tough solution and video solution was only in some selected questions.
  3. Price was not an issue and also they provided some discount for below 2000 rankers!
  4. I didn’t gave more than 4-5 full length test for ACE because it was very tough and at that time it was like wasting three hours and also I was getting demotivation after the test because I was getting low marks in ACE.


  • Low cost.
  • Unseen and genuine questions which aren’t copied from previous year GATE papers.
  • They provide detail solution of each and every question.
  • Good interface.
  • Large no. of student participate in it. So it is easy to judge where you stand.


  • More calculative. With inclusion of online calculator GATE questions are now less calculative and more concept based but Ace academy haven’t modified that.Due to this one can’t complete the given questions in 3 hours and it lowers down the confidence in last month.
  • Their mock test contain few irrelevant questions which distracts student.

3. Kreatryx Test Series for GATE and ESE :

  1. The quality of the questions were very good and it was related to GATE standards.
  2. Website interferance was good.
  3. Good ammount of students I observed for EE.
  4. They gave very good subjectwise test but the didn’t provide part test.
  5. Though questions were good but the solution they provided was quite lengthy or tricky. We can easily solve it by easy method and they didn’t provide video solution.

If you are from EE/EC then you can also join kreatryx test series. 

Gateforum and other test series costs high with not so good interface and even their solution is not up to the mark. So I won’t suggest you to go for it.

Apart from this I would suggest you all to join CBT( Center based test) by Made easy and Pre-Gate by ACE. They create GATE like environment which will help you to deal with your nervousness to a great extent.

Here is my experience with ACE and MadeEasy.

While doing preparation go for ACE academy test series subject wise tests. ACE covers topics which are important and easy to overlook those topics for a students preparing in initial stage. With ACE your concepts will go deeper and you will start to see the pattern.

During revision subject-wise tests of MadeEasy. MadeEasy tests are best for practice and approach. It helps growing on gate level problems. Over-all, you will score very less in ACE and you will score moderately in MadeEasy. Don’t consider marks you got, take marks which you lost in to account and learn from your mistakes, that is the whole point of test series.

In last month, take mock tests as your daily routine. If you are serious about preparation and want to score more go for atleast 20 mock tests.

All the best!