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How to Prepare for BARC EXAM

How to Crack BARC EXAM

BARC Recruitment is a 2 stage process

Selection for BARC Interview 

For reaching the interview stage there are 2 ways first is written examination conducted by BARC and second is through GATE score. While filling the form you have to select whether you want to apply through written or through GATE score or both GATE and written.

When you apply through both GATE and written if you qualify through anyone of them you will be selected for interview. In 2018 cutoff from GATE was 828 gate score which was about 400–450 rank and for written examination cutoff was 152 and I scored 192 in this written Examination. Calling ratio is about 1:16 of the number of tentative vacancies because BARC has no fixed number of vacancies and they have the maximum number of vacancies for each branch.

BARC Personal Interview – 

It is a pure technical interview and you have to mention 4–5 favourite subjects for the interview. Question will be asked from those subjects only in Barc Exam interview. The level of question asked is medium ( concept-based)


BARC Written Examination –

  • A written examination is a 2hr Examination with 100 questions, questions are of GATE level but since in less time you have to attempt more no. of questions speed is going to be an important factor.
  • Attempting the examination of BARC is very important when I attempted my written Examination I started from the first question and started solving easy Questions and Questions which are bit lengthy and require more time I marked them for review and completely skipped the tough Questions. There are ample no. of questions and you can skip too many questions so it is better to attempt easy Questions first and don’t stuck and waste time in any particular question.
  • A virtual calculator will be provided in the BARC Written examination same as GATE.
  • Solve GATE, ESE, ISRO previous years for the written Examination.
  • MOST IMPORTANT POINT FOR WRITTEN EXAMINATION – After GATE many students get depressed because there was Exam was not good in spite of their dedicated preparation and they stop studying for further examinations and When they attempt BARC, ISRO or any Exam they don’t Qualify but get very close to cutoff and they regret why they didn’t study after GATE exam. So please continue your study until you reach somewhere. By following these points you can crack the BARC exam.


  • In BARC interview you have to tell them your favourite 4–5 subjects and keep in mind all subjects should not be thermal or from the design area, you have to give them a mixture.
  • In BARC interview Mainly standard derivations, some practical Questions along with theoretical and analytical questions are asked, Read all the interview experiences shared by others try to answer them by your own and then discuss with friends, senior and teachers.
  • In BARC interview don’t try to bluff them but also don’t say sorry directly to question you are unable to answer try to think about the question , sometimes it is a simple concept and a little thinking can reach you to an answer , they also give hints and when they say something about the question listen to them very carefully. By following these points you can crack the BARC exam.

BARC Exam Pattern 2020

  • BARC Examination will be conducted in online mode (computerized)
  • BARC Online Examination Will contain only multiple-choice questions (objective type)
  • BARC Paper consists of a total of 100 Questions
  • The total duration of the BARC examination is 2 Hours
  • The question carries 3 marks each
  • Negative Marking – 1 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer
  • Physical calculators are not allowed in the BARC examination
  • Virtual calculators will be available on your terminal.

Experience of BARC Exam

1. The calculator is slow in BARC Exam if you hurry while using a calculator instead of 4 zeros you may end up putting 3 zeros. Careful with a virtual calculator.

2. 75% numerical questions, 20% theory and concept based questions and 5% memory based questions in BARC Exam.

3. Compared to the GATE exam, BARC exam is easy.

4. 100 questions and time allotted 120 min or 7200 seconds. It is impossible to attempt 100% paper so do not try it, maintain high accuracy in less time. What you leave is equally important to what you attempt.

5. The trick is to be in cutoff as this exam is a qualifying type. Even if you get AIR 1 is of no use, an interview is more important than the exam itself.

6. Be more productive ie some times you know the concept very well but solving question may take 1.5 or more minutes to leave it.

7. 30-40% of questions are directly from previous year question papers of GATE, lES, ISRO, do not forget to solve them. EVEN THE OPTIONS ARE NOT CHANGED.

8. These are the lessons learnt from the BARC Exam.

By following these points you can crack the BARC exam.

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