Best 200 Electrical Projects Ideas for Final Year Students

Best 200 Electrical Projects Ideas for Final Year Students

Best Electrical Projects Ideas for Final Year Students – If you are from Electrical Engineering and looking for some top, best projects ideas to design and build then you are right place.

Logicwork has provided a list of the Best 200 Electrical Projects Ideas for Final Year Students.

Electrical Projects Ideas for Final Year Students

Check the list of electrical projects ideas given below –

ZigBee based Electrical Projects Ideas

  1. ZigBee based oil well health monitoring and control system using wireless sensor networks
  2. Zigbee based energy monitoring system over pc using wireless sensor networks
  3. Zigbee based SCADA system for industry and data logger to SD card
  4. Wireless water level indicator using ZigBee
  5. Real-time industrial automation system using GSM module and ZigBee module.

Solar based Electrical Projects Ideas

  1. Automatic Energy distribution management with the solar system.
  2. Solar car working model
  3. Solar power plant
  4. Solar based induction motor driver using microcontroller
  5. Intelligent solar street light controlling using high power LEDs and microcontroller
  6. Solar-powered automatic control of industrial street lights

Motor based Electrical Projects Ideas

  1. Automatic control of AC and DC motors with on load and offloading sensing system
  2. AC motor control and monitoring with touch screen
  3. Wireless DC and AC motor control system using touch screen and microcontroller
  4. Wireless AC motor control system using Gsm
  5. Web-based Dynamic torque and efficiency monitoring system for AC motors.
  6. AC motor vector control derive implementation using pic microcontroller
  7. Three-phase induction motor speed control through frequency method
  8. Four quadrant chopper based speed control of dc motor
  9. Speed control of dc shunt motor

Transformer based Electrical Projects Ideas

  1. Transformer protection by isolating transformer from the load through PC
  2. Transformer overload protection with warning alert through automated voice announcement in central room speakers.
  3. Automatic transformer load sharing and control over SMS
  4. Transformer real-time overload protection and isolation from the load using PC
  5. Automatic oil temperature monitoring and control using gsm and wireless sensor networks
  6. Transformerless power supply for electronics projects
  7. Transformer automatic tap changer using pic microcontroller
  8. Transformer oil level measurement system and monitoring over the website using GPRS
  9. Transformer protection system

WireLess based Electrical Projects Ideas

  1. Intelligent power factor monitoring and control through PC using wireless sensor networks
  2. Transmission lines conductor temperature measurement system and control through PC using wireless sensor networks
  3. Remote monitoring and control of digital energy meter using wireless sensor networks
  4. Wireless power transfer
  5. Wireless High voltage transformer services
  6. Transformers parameters measurement system from remote locations and control from the central control room using wireless communication

Microcontroller based Electrical Projects Ideas

  1. Intelligent load shedding management system using microcontroller for electrical utility companies
  2. Unified power factor control system using microcontroller
  3. Power quality measurement system using pic microcontroller
  4. Three-phase motor soft starter using thyristors and firing angle control circuit with pic microcontroller
  5. Three-phase DC motor speed control using the flux changing method
  6. Variable frequency driver for inductions machines using microcontrollers and thyristors
  7. Intelligent density based traffic signal using vehicle counter and pic microcontroller
  8. Rotation control of induction motor using microcontroller and motor drivers
  9. Power failure automatic alert system using microcontrollers
  10. Motion detector and automatic control of room lights using pic microcontroller
  11. Automatic synchronous generators synchronization using pic microcontroller
  12. The smart home system using gsm and microcontroller
  13. Microcontroller less four quadrant dc motor controller

Automation based Electrical Projects Ideas

  1. Automatic gate closing and opening for railway station using gsm module
  2. Biometric security system access control system
  3. Event-driven automation of electrical machines using android
  4. Industrial machines parameters monitoring over web server using the internet of things
  5. Intelligent energy metering with tampering warning to the power sector and the user through SMS
  6. Automatic power factor monitoring and correction using pic microcontroller
  7. Gas leakage detector and control using SMS and gsm module
  8. Real-time fan dimmer control using Android and Bluetooth module
  9. Voice operated robot for various functions as per your requirement like line follower robot, fire extinguisher robot, fighting robot, etc.
  10. The real-time data logger of remote locations on the website using GPRS and control through SMS
  11. PLC based home automation system
  12. Home automation system through call

Inverter based Electrical Projects Ideas

  1. Three-phase power inverter
  2. Three-phase pure sine wave inverter
  3. Sinusoidal pulse width modulation generation using pic microcontroller

Power Plant based Electrical Projects Ideas

  1. Working model for solar power plant
  2. The distribution model of electricity from generation to house.
  3. Working model for Hydro power plant
  4. Working model for Wind Turbine power plant
  5. Working model for solar tracking power plant
  6. Working model for thermal power plant

More Electrical Projects Ideas

  1. Central control unit implementation for irrigation water pumps to make it cost-effective for the whole village.
  2. Automatic on load and offload sensing system
  3. Centralized energy metering for a group of homes to avoid tampering of electrical energy meters at home.
  4. Bluetooth based control of power devices
  5. Data logger on mobile phone using Android application
  6. DC motor control system using Android application
  7. University power system SCADA for measurement of voltage and current at various locations.
  8. Intelligent auto water pumping system using gsm and pic microcontroller
  9. Soil moisture sensor, monitoring, and control using pic microcontroller and gsm
  10. SMS based AC voltage controller and password protection
  11. Intelligent high power LEDs controlling for street lights using gsm and vehicle counter
  12. Security integrated system for industrial automation and application with SMS warning using gsm module
  13. Touch screen based industrial gate controlling through thumb recognition
  14. Working model for wind power using MATLAB
  15. Call logger in SD card for security purpose
  16. Remote servicing of electrical equipment’s using wireless communications
  17. Automatic start delta converter relay using programmable devices
  18. Vehicle security and tracking using a gsm module and GPS module
  19. Hybrid power generation using solar, wind, mains and generators.
  20. Intelligent circuit breaker using pic microcontroller
  21. DTMF based control of robotics for multipurpose
  22. Electricity management system using economic dispatch methods
  23. Computer-based control of electrical loads
  24. Prepaid energy meter for power sector
  25. High voltage generator using diodes and capacitors up to 1kv
  26. Time-based relay operated system
  27. Generator protection system
  28. Underground cable automatic fault locator and detector over the distance
  29. Ramp generator using diodes and capacitors
  30. Auto guided electrical vehicle
  31. Biometric-based voting system/ Attendance system
  32. The wireless power transfer system
  33. Laser-based communication between two personal computers
  34. PIC-based LFC meter
  35. 3-D robotic arm
  36. Footstep power generation system 
  37. Maximum power point tracking techniques analysis
  38. Transmission lines parameters measurement system
  39. Power supply with auto-switching
  40. High voltage generation using Marx generator

This was the list of Best 200 Electrical Projects Ideas for Final Year Students.